Make your trading effectively with the help of duxa Capital

Make your trading effectively with the help of duxa Capital

Few years back, if you want to do any type of trading then you have to search for the brokers and need to visit their office. After finding the broker, you need some trustworthy for that particular company. So finding broker for trading is a tedious job in early stages. In that Duxa Capital is one of the best online brokers which give you plenty of services efficiently.

The duxa Capital is well versed in cryptocurrency and forex market, where you can access 17 currencies like Russian ruble, hongkong dollar, Singapore dollar and some more. Normally online brokers will provide three standard options but the duxa Capital will provide you five options like;

  • Basic account.
  • Silver account.
  • Gold account.
  • Platinum account.
  • Diamond account.

Make your trading effectively with the help of duxa Capital

Basic account: As it is an initial process and you need to provide 10 percent of leverage and have to deposit minimum amount for trading.

Silver account: In this type you need to deposit EUR 2500 and 20 percent of leverage. Apart from this you can deposit the maximum you need.

Gold account: You have to attend this twice in a week and they will provide you 24hours service. The deposit will be similar to the above which means you need to deposit EUR 10,000.

Platinum account: In this account you can have an unlimited trading and provides the leverage bonus upto 40 percentage.

Diamond account: This is last and latest one which works for the VIP customer. This account suits well for the persons who are bot afraid about the difficulties. In this account you can invest upto EUR 250000 minimum and the maximum amount you can do.

These are the options provided by the duxa Capital and it is the most loyal online broker company you can choose for online trading. Make use of it and have a huge profit with proper investment.